From Le Vauroux, you can esasily go and spend a great day at the seaside and discover the breathtaking beauty of the “ Baie de Somme “, said to be one of the  most beautiful bays in the world.
Go to Beauvais and take A16 motorway following Amiens direction
Get out at “Abbeville nord” (exit n° 23), follow “ Le Crotoy  / Saint Valery sur somme “
Distance from Le Vauroux to le Crotoy : 148 km, 1H41mn
You can also visit “ Dieppe “ and its great coast ( cliffs )
Distance :  101 km, driving time : 1H35mn
William the Conqueror and his army left France from Saint-Valery harbour in 1066 to gain the english crown.
Do not hesitate to go to the Hourdel to feel you have reached the “ end of the world “
Have a look on these “ baie de Somme” in pics  : Au coeur de la côte Picarde et de la baie de Somme
Discover one of the most beautiful bays in the world ?
The Carnets 
Esprit de Picardie
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Saint Valéry sur Somme / lOld city and harbour
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